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Photography work is one of the most exciting jobs that a freelancer can do. It is perfect for those who have a good eye and are willing to invest in some equipment and gear. With a full-frame camera and a couple of nice lenses, one can quickly start making money doing freelance work, you can even use a smart phone to take photo’s.

One question that many people ask who are wanting to get into photography is what kind of work there is to do. Maybe someone just invested in a Nikon, Sony, or Canon, and is wanting to start using their camera to make some extra money, or even start a business.

The first thing to do is start building a portfolio. Get out and start taking pictures. Landscape, portraits, and lifestyle pictures are a good place to start. These are their own photography subcategories, but they aren’t all of the categories that are out there. There are several types of photography that one can do once they start their business.

there a lot of different types of photography you can do

Types of Photography Business


Portrait photography is my personal favorite. Many photos include a person in the frame, but portrait pictures are special because the person in the photo is the main focus, and usually takes up most of the frame. This is a great style of photography to start with. One of the best features is to get nice “bokeh,” or blurred-out background. To best do this one needs a lens with a low aperture.


Couples are always wanting to get their picture taken, even if they haven’t gotten engaged yet. This is another style that is popular. In this style, it’s important to direct the couple through different poses, and to help them be as natural as possible throughout the shooting process. Some of the best shots may come from candid moments of the couple interacting with one another.


Anyone with an Instagram knows how popular fashion pictures has become. There are countless bloggers who are obsessed with posting photos of themselves in different outfits, many of whom are sponsored by clothing lines to post pictures of their clothes. This is another popular style that is great to get some practice with.

Real Estate

Homes that are on the market need to have good pictures in order to get sold. That’s why it’s important to have a good real estate photographer. In this style, it’s important to know how to merge different exposures together using bracketing in order to get the most out of the photos.


Everyone knows about wedding photos, but another popular style is engagement. Couples are as excited about the moment the question gets popped as they are about the moment they say, “I do.”


Wedding photographer is a team effort, and it’s not for a beginner photographer. But, if someone can start working as a backup, it’s a great category of photography to get into, and there is a lot of money to be made in this particular industry.