Why You Should Take Another Look At Specialized Dating Sites

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Specialty dating sites are often overlooked by daters because they are smaller than some of the more well-known dating sites. But bigger isn’t always better when it comes to online dating. Sure you can sign up for a giant dating site with millions of users. Find the right algorithms and use the right search terms or else you will never get matched with the kind of people that you’re actually looking for. If you use a specialty dating site then you can be sure that the person you match with already shares your interest in whatever the site is about. You might have a smaller pool to choose from, but you’ll get better results.

And there are specialty dating sites for every type of niche. Fitness buffs, pet lovers, book readers, nerds and geeks, gamers, religious people, and any other type of criteria that is important to you probably has a specialty dating site devoted to it.

Dog Lover

Personally, I’m a dog lover. So when I started dating again after my divorce and I didn’t really know anything. I signed up for a dating site that focused on dog owners. I didn’t get a huge number of matches but the matches I got were people that I knew would be ok with the fact that I had dogs and shared my passion for dogs.

My first date from the specialty site didn’t go as well as I wanted. Our dogs didn’t get along, and we didn’t really have any chemistry. But to this day we are still friends and email and chat occasionally. My second date from the specialty dating site was a match. We talked on the phone, mostly about our dogs, and we shared photos of our dogs.

We went for coffee on our first date and by the second date we had set up a playdate for our dogs at the dog park. When we moved in together just a month ago and I would never have found my perfect match. If I hadn’t looked at a specialty dating site.

Finding a Connection

So when you are ready to start online dating, or if you have been striking out on online dating sites and need to try a different approach, don’t overlook specialty dating sites. While they might not have as large of a dating pool as bigger sites they do have potential matches. You will have a lot in common with so that your chances of finding a connection are greater.

If you’re sick of the frustration of getting 50 matches in your inbox only to find you don’t have anything in common with any of them on the big sites do some research and find a specialty dating site for something that you’re interested in or something that is important to you as religion. Strategic online dating is the best way to find that person that you’ve been searching for to make a happy life with.