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Being a parent for almost 20 years now has really tested my patience at times and been a blessing at others. If you are a worried parent and want to know who your children really are outside of your home, read this article. This post will hopefully give you some insight on teenagers as well as let you know who they are really associating themselves with.

Whose Number Is This?

Your children's friends are important to their well-being.
Do you know who your children are hanging out with?

I know for me, my children have had the same group of friends since they were about two years old. When they went off to high school however, it seemed to me that my son was beginning to hangout with a different crowd. This started to worry me and made me question who he was becoming. Have you as a parent, ever seen a text come across your child’s phone and wonder “whose number is this?” I know that I have. My suspicions grew when my son continued to receive messages from numbers I did not recognize.

If you as a parent ever wonder “whose number is this,” look into finding out. With the help of Kiwi Searches, you can type in any number and instantly find out who it is.¬†Another great feature, is that if you hear your child talking about hanging out with a new kid at school, if you find out their name you can gather more information on them using Kiwi Searches. This way you can get a better understanding about who your children are choosing to spend time with.

Did This Happen To You?

I learned the hard way that my children were not always going to tell their mom everything as they grew up. This really started happening when they went off to high school. I started getting shorter and shorter responses from them such as when I asked how their day was. This was the first realization for me that I might not know what my children are really doing outside my home.

Finding out what your children are doing is not something that you should be scared about. You should be scared however, if you do not know what your children are up to. If you want to know “whose number is this,” that is coming across your child’s phone, find out! The last thing any parent wants, is for their child to go down the wrong path. Monitoring your child’s friendships and what they are doing outside your home is a good way to keep your child safe.

The End Result

Kids will be kids. As a parent, you have to face the harsh reality that you will not always be the focal point of your children’s life. As children grow they slowly drift away from their parents and start to find their own independence. Don’t panic, this is completely normal! No matter how far they drift, know that they will always come back.

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