SMART apps for your Smartphone!


We all know why smartphones increasingly become a need for most of us. The utter convenience and reliability makes it the best digital best friend one can ever have in today’s time. It has affected our lives ever since brought to availability. It has caused utmost convenience yet ironically remains to be the root of different absurdities of today.

I firmly believe that it all just depends on how one utilizes their smartphones! Simply put, what sort of SMART apps should be used on device?  Here is an article about applications to better your smartphone experience. Apart from enjoying videos, games and all sorts of recreational engagements, there are applications that are of great help during the most inevitable situations.

List of Apps to consider downloading

  1. Waze

You might be going on road trip with family and friends to an unknown destination. Of course, you have your smartphones with you for picture and contacts during emergency situations; might as well download Waze, digital map complete with warnings on heavily-congested or road blockages. Unlike Google Maps, it is more interactive.


  1. Uber

This is an online ride-sharing app that would be of assistance when you are experiencing car problems on the road or even before going out of the house. You might need to hail a cab instantly, one that does not overprice but has commendable customer service; which is exactly what Uber gives you.

  1. DDI Utilities

DDI is a monitoring app priced reasonable enough to acquire information from a “target”. It is viable for those in dire need for investigating someone’s daily whereabouts like a parent or company owner. There is a growing number of people using DDI Utilities to track location, smartphone doings (app downloads, social media logs, messages, calls, etc.) of teenagers or employees. Not only that, this app can also retrieve intentionally and not phone data / files working as a data back up and recovery software.

You may also want to check these highly-suggest monitoring apps: Highster Mobile, SurePoint Spy and AutoForward.


  1. Air bnb

If you are one notorious traveller longing for discounted places to stay at then here is an app for you. It covers all available bed and breakfast homes tays worldwide at very budget-friendly rates. It shy away the rigorous web search for the perfect accommodations because every info you need prior deciding where to hang about can be found here.

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