Some Questions on Smart Technology and Devices Answered

Some Questions on Smart Technology and Devices Answered.jpg

There is a smart revolution taking place in these times. Smart devices are taking over many aspects of our lives making it better and quite convenient. Some questions asked will illustrate how this revolution is taking root.

I am a fitness enthusiast and have been using my phone to help monitor my progress. Is there any smart device that is less bulky and that I can even use in swimming but doing the same tracking for me?

There are many wearable devices that one can easily carry around in the course of jogging or swimming. Garmin Forerunner 735XT, polar V800 are some of the smart watches in the market that can easily partner with you in your fitness regime. They accurately track your running, distance covered, speed variations, heartbeat rate, breathing patterns, calories burnt and even GPS tracking for easy decision on best routes to take. They may be connected to other devices of different operating systems like Android and IOS though the smart watches also have their own screens to display some of this information. Of particular interest is the Garmin Forerunner 735XT. Besides the jogging track, one can use it in the pool. It is water proof up to 50 meters in the water and monitors and records your strokes and how fast and efficient you actually are in water. It is definitely a must have for swimmers with intent on keeping tabs on their progress. It does not need a phone to pair with while in use but stores data with some displayed on the screen.

I am a researcher by profession. Is there any application or smart device that can make my work easier?

Alexas by Amazon and Google Home by Google are intelligent digital assistants that use the web to offer solutions and answers to many questions. Google home uses Google search, Wikipedia and Google applications to answer any questions and give directions as required by the user. It acts on voice activation and commands and customizes itself to the user’s desires through interactions with him. It can be made to play music, answer questions, switch gadgets on and off and many other tasks provided it is connected to them and of course that they are also smart devices. It can come in handy in research as it will answer any question searching for the solutions from the web through Google search. Also, it can be made to help in the search of information and data if one has a smart computer or laptop which can be connected and controlled by Google Home.

I do not trust smart devices. Are they not dangerous?

All devices and machines have both their pros and cons. It is always wise to check these out before deciding to purchase or use them. Also, a device can be dangerous or convenient depending on how they are used. Smart devices are designed to make work easier with little effort. They are manufactured to the best and highest standards. It is easy for instance to use a smart phone to control other devices in the house and even people entering your house and cooking the food they are to have through the smart padlocks and smart Anova oven for instance. However a few precautions can be of great benefit to the user. It is advisable to buy the smart devices from recognized distributors to avoid buying fake products. Also, read the assembly manual carefully before trying to assemble the product if you are to do it by yourself. Alternatively, the dealers can assemble for you just to be sure. Again, if it is a toy or requires you to navigate it as it moves for example Drones and helicopters, it makes sense to practice using them before actually taking them out to fly them as they can be truly dangerous.

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