Negative Side of Technology

Technology has made life better in many ways. Services are delivered faster, communication is faster, reliable and quite comprehensive for instance the use of the video call; and machines and gadgets can do much more in terms of the tasks. In itself, the innovations are made to make life even better but it is in the use and application of technology that its ugly head rears. The society and the way people and groups relate has had a major influence with advent in technology.

There are some internet users who have become victims of cyber bullying, some with grave consequences. The seemingly harmless acts of chatting on the social media platforms transformed into nightmares for some people especially the youth. Some have ended up committing suicide as a way of escape.

Cameras have evolved both in make and use. They are very important these days when talking of security through the CCTV cameras. Also, they help capture and store precious memories for many and some used in journalism. However, some naughty people are using them for spying. As they are becoming smaller and smaller but even more complex, some people are using them to spy on others and sometimes post some of the dirty images and videos online. The aims of such behavior may range from pure malice with intention to embarrass someone to blackmail with the aim of extorting money from the victims. These have had an impact on families and even nations exposed to such information or images. Some of the images are posted on pornographic sites for whatever reason.

Improper use of electronic gadgets for instance has been instrumental in the many fatal accidents on our roads especially by the younger people. Many people these days can be seen texting or checking updates on their social media sites while they are driving. This is a very dangerous practice as it temporarily distracts the driver from the road and in so doing reduces his/ her concentration. In case of an emergency, the reaction may either be late or, worse, unexpected. Instead of slowing down for instance, one may even accelerate. Also, the pedestrians can be victims to similar accidents only that they may be distracted while crossing the roads and texting, calling or checking social media updates causing serious accidents. It is the control by the people that is needed but the blame is usually put on technology.

With advent in technology, it has become easier to unfairly monitor someone through his phone or online activities. This is a different way of spying where you want to know what someone is up to and doing through following him on his phone. This is usually a result of hacking the phone or using mobile device spy ware. One gets access to all calls, texts, emails and any other activity of the targeted phone. This may be with an intention of doing harm to the person or simply being naughty. In most cases, the person monitored may not have any idea. But once hacked, his privacy is lost and he is left exposed-so to speak.

As already stated, it may not be technology to be blamed in its entirety, but how humans decide to use it that brings out the negative side. The use of technology if not carefully thought about may bring serious consequences that aim at injury instead of bringing the benefits that accrue from such advancements in human life. It is therefore prudent that users should proceed with a lot of caution so as to benefit from the positive effects of technology and not the negatives as they are numerous.