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I am normally not one to be overly dramatic, but the invention of item tracker devices has changed my life, and possibly the world. For someone who constantly loses keys, purse, wallet, and anything else I need, item trackers have been a true life and time saver. There are a few different ones on the market and they’re all amazing and helpful.

The Tile Item Tracker can be used for just about any item you do not want to lose and comes with a base and up to 8 tiles that can be attached to items that need to be tracked. To use the Tile Item Tracker, you have a base and the small tiles that attach to the device that you want to keep track of. You can actually use up to eight tiles with one base and track each item differently. There is a Tile Item Tracker app that will be downloaded to your smart phone and you can name each of your individual tiles. You log in to the Tile Item Tracker app on your smart phone and click on the item you’d like to locate. The small tile attached to the item then emits a beeping sound until the item is found.

I am a perpetual key loser and the Tile Item Tracker changed my life. Gone are the moments that I have spent searching for my keys in a panic. Now I just turn on my phone and load the app and find my keys within seconds. Unfortunately, the range on the Tile Item Tracker is not huge. It uses blue tooth, so the range is usually within fifty to 150 feet. There is a neat feature you can use if your item is farther than that: you can connect to the network and use other Tile users tracking to locate your item. It’s innovative and unique.

Although the Tile Item Tracker is the most widely used, because the range is on the small side and the battery lasts about a year and is not replaceable, there are a couple of other item trackers on the market that are also amazing. Stoneteather is also an item tracker that works awesomely, but an added feature is that it is water resistant up to 30 feet, which is something that no other tracker on the market offers. It’s close to the same size as the Tile Item Tracker, so it cannot go on super small items, but the tracking level and range is about the same. The Stoneteather tracker also has a geofence capability, so the device notifies you when you’re about to go out of range of the item and the base. It basically tells you when you are about to lose something. Definitely sounds like something I need.

Another amazing tracker is called the Smart Tracker. It has a more personal feel in that it comes with a panic button for the user to utilize and can send out your GPS coordinates if the panic button is pressed. Smart tracker also integrates with Google Maps to figure out exactly where your item is, without the small range by the other trackers on the market. The Smart Tracker also has a rechargeable battery so the life of the device is presumably a lot longer than that of other devices.

Before the technology that comes with every device having its own tracker, the advent of these item trackers is amazing. More and more people are using them every day. They are proving their worth when for around $40 you can keep track of the items that you use daily.

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