Best VR Oculus Apps for Kids


With the emergence of Virtual Reality headsets such as the Samsung Gear VR, kids cannot get enough of it! Not only can you play games, but you can also watch movies and chat with your friends. The Oculus app on your smartphone provides many different VR apps that are kid-friendly. Being a parent, our list will provide you will some great app options.

Jurassic World: Apatosaurus

The park has officially opened in VR! What kid (or adult) wouldn’t want to explore Jurassic Park! See the beautiful dinosaurs up-close and personal as if you were really with them. You can even ride a dinosaur through the park! But beware of the T-Rex roaming around!

Marvel Avengers: Tony Stark’s Lab

Does your child LOVE superheros? Then this app is for them! You can explore Tony Stark’s Lab and see his many inventions such as Captain America’s shield! You can learn all about the many inventions the Avengers use, the Avengers themselves, and what Tony Stark is currently working on. You can also watch exclusive Marvel clips. Have any questions? Jarvis is there to guide you!

Rilix VR

Is your child a thrill seeker? Ride roller coasters in Rilix VR! In this app, you can experience thrilling coasters in different environments such as in a Diamond Cave. Honestly, it feels as though you are really on a roller coaster. However, make sure you are sitting not standing while experiencing this app!

Temple Run

Temple Run, which was first a smartphone game, is now in virtual reality! You child can enjoy stealing the treasure, collecting coins, and running away from the demon monkeys. It’s very simple and easy to play with headsets such as the Samsung Gear VR with its tap pad.

Titans of Space

This app provide not only breathtaking graphics of space but is also educational for children. You can take a tour guide of the Solar System, and learn about the different planets and their moons. Users can also answer trivia questions along the way to further educate themselves about the Solar System. If your child’s dream is to become an astronaut or a astrologist, this app would be perfect for them.


Who can’t resist a cute rabbit and two aliens? Kids! This is a video experience any child would enjoy. The premise is that these two bunnies, one being the headset user, are minding their business when two aliens come to invade earth! The bunnies try to stop the aliens from destroying earth. The video is about five minutes long.

Fun Fact: This is an official selection of the Tribeca Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and Cannes du Marche du film.

Minecraft Gear VR

The game kids are currently loving is now in virtual reality. Be immersed into your own Minecraft world! You can build and explore different landscapes and come face-to-face with mobs and battle them! Even though you have to purchase this Oculus game, it’s worth it. As a note, it is recommended that children be above the age of 13 to play this game.

Balloon Shooter

Looking for a game to occupy your child’s time? Balloon Shoot is that game! Using your headset or controller, you shoot your arrow to pop the balloons or knock down your enemies. Look to the sky every once in awhile, you may see a dragon! It is simple to play and easy to play for a child of any age. How far can you get?

Before the next time your child plays on their VR headset, why not tell them about these great apps! They are all very entertaining with fantastic visuals.

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