Why the Android Smart Phone?

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On losing his old phone, my friend Martin wanted to try out something new and ‘smart’. He had done some shopping on the internet and had seen a number of phones with different operating systems and features. He was into an Android operating phone but was not sure if it was the best choice he could make.

“John,” he appeared on my verandah one morning. “I need your advice on something. After I lost my phone I have shopped around for one and I have seen many seemingly good ones but my fear is, am not sure they are on the best operating system. All of them are on Android. Anything you can tell me on Android? Do you vouch for it or I may as well continue shopping?”

I realized that John may not be alone on the confusion that may reign when choosing a phone basing on the operating system. But the question that should dominate our minds is, just how good are android devices?

The Android operating system gives many advantages to the users. To begin with,there are many applications that are compatible and can be used on the android devices. In partnership with Google play, there are millions of applications that can be easily downloaded and used on the android operated devices. These applications cover a wide range of operations and functions. They not only make the phone beautiful but they also make some tasks easy and fun. For instance there are so many books and reference materials, games and other such applications available for the android operated system gadget user. One can also be creative and customize the android phone to express who they really are. There are many themes, colors, wallpapers and many other applications that one can use to turn the phone into a creatively functional appendage of their lives.

Android devices are compatible with many other electronic devices. This means that they can easily be made to do much more than an ‘average’ smart phone. For instance an android operated smart phone can be used as a remote control for other Android operated smart televisions; they can also be used as smart keys for some smart padlocks like the master locks; they can be used as the remote control for Androids and many other functions. This compatibility is advantageous because many of the smart gadgets have it as an operating system hence more power of control is given to the android phone. It can act as the server for one’s life as one can control so many things from his palms.

The applications and features of Android phones are quite functional. This makes the phone more of a personal assistant or intelligent friend than just a phone to call and receive texts on. The alarms and timers are there to help one keep time and appointments. These appointments can also be noted on the calendar that is usually inbuilt in the android phones. The phones are also very good exercise partners. Some like Samsung edge series and Lenovo have applications that can help one monitor the exercise regime and the outcomes. One can tell how much distance he or she has covered while jogging and at what speed. It also calculates the amount of calories burnt and can even give alternative routes to be followed. This tracking is made possible by the GPS system embedded in the phone. One can trace the way he or she has come and can check the heart beat and many other things related to exercises and keeping fit.

There is so much to say about the android devices but the taste of the pudding is in the eating. If John was or was not convinced on whether to buy an Android operating system smart phone is for you to decide basing on the above information. But be sure, he loves how it is serving him.

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