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Social Media & The World

With all of the technological innovations of the 21st century, there are few as impactful as social media in terms of the way it affects the lives of people on an everyday basis. Computers, televisions, and the smartphone have made an incredible impact on the way that people interact. So many people spend hours each day online, making it one of the most-used inventions of the century so far.

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Social Media On A Tablet

There are a lot of people who love social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are some of the most popular social platforms in the world. With all of these apps, you wonder if all this time spent on social media would be better spent somewhere else.

Productivity & Social Media

One has to wonder how much of the time people spend on social media is actual productive. Some of the activity on Facebook and Instagram has a purpose. Facebook Marketplace has become a popular way to sell used cars and household items. Instagram is becoming one of the best ways to market a product or business. But the majority of the time that people spend on social media platforms is not productive.

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Social Media Network

False Connection 

One of the reasons people spend so much time on social media is that the sense of connection that they get. From following other accounts on the various platforms. Whether it’s connecting with friends on Facebook or following strangers on social media. There are a ton of ways that people connect with one another on these apps. If you want to connect with your friends, it’s much easier to simply use a public records search engine.

The problem is that many would argue that the connection taking place is not true connection… But a false sense of connection that takes up time, attention, and energy.  

Mindless Scrolling

One of the ways that people spend their time mindlessly scrolling through the different feeds. You can scroll through the Facebook news feed. You can scroll through their feed on Instagram to see what the accounts are posting. And you can scroll down the endless “Explore Page” on Instagram, where Instagram’s algorithm will show you posts from accounts that they think you would be interested in.

The problem is that there is no end to the scrolling. There is always another post. Always another dog video, pretty sunset, or update from a long-lost friend. The question is whether all of this information and stimulus is necessary. Or has become a compulsive time-waster for so many people around the world. I can’t help but wonder whether the time I spend on Instagram or Facebook could be better spent with friends… pursuing a hobby, or reading that book I put off reading for so long. If you liked this article, check out my post about freelance photography.