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Among Baumrind’s four parenting styles, Authoritative Parenting has been the most ideal way to deal with children, especially adolescents. It can produce a better outcome not only on the child’s individual development but as well as the relationship with the parent.

Authoritative parents discipline their children in a manner that will also allow the children to understand the basis of the parent’s actions in response to the children’s behavior. Here are the major key points on how to manage children in an authoritative style:

Establish your parental standards

The parents must set the rules in the household on how the children should behave whether they’re around or not. These standards must be clearly understood by the kids to avoid conflict brought about by a common misunderstanding. Parents must stand their ground in seriously acting out the consequences once the rules are disobeyed.

Let your children feel that you’re approachable

Never let your children feel that they cannot approach you especially during early teenage years. They are prone to making rash decisions and these choices might lead to drastic end results without the guidance of the parents. Even though you’re vocally strict about your way of discipline, remember that as parents, it is also your responsibility to communicate with your children to monitor their current state in whatever aspect they wish to discuss.

Listen to your children’s voice

Make your children feel heard during your conversations. Just because you make the rules doesn’t mean that your children’s voice is unneeded. If you mean to resolve any issue, you have to allow your children to speak up and learn to defend themselves if they feel that they are on the right.

Be flexible with possible adjustments

Be flexible enough to bend the rules accordingly. Never let your guard down by totally changing the rules. It might have a negative implication on your children’s understanding of how you deal with conflicts. You can adjust punishments and corrections but you always stick to the rules. This will also reflect firmness in your decision-making skills and will serve as a model behavior for your children whenever they encounter related situations.

Apply a positively enforced discipline

The kind of discipline you wish to apply must be positively enforced with logic and reasoning. Never act on something without basis. Be responsive without forgetting to show that you’re only doing this for the right reasons. Be clear enough to let them know that everything is just a part of the nurturing process.


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