How Young Is Too Young For Kids To Be On Social Media?

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The Young Grow Up

Officially most social media platforms require kids to be at least 13 before they can have an account. But unofficially a lot of kids start using social media earlier than that. You can’t just get a spy app from somewhere like Best Cell Phone Spy Apps. There is something to be said for starting your kids on social media early. But many parents worry that letting their child use social media too early will make their child depressed. It can even leave them to open to being bullied or will make them a target for predators.

What’s The Right Call?

The decision to let your kids use social media also depends on what social media platform they will be using. There are many great messaging apps that they can safely use to get acquainted with social networking. Instagram is a popular social media site that parents let their children use because posting on Instagram is easy to do and it has limited connectivity with other accounts so it’s not easy for other people to contact your child, especially if you have their privacy settings locked down tight. Your kids can post photos and videos of things that they find interesting and share them with friends and family members. They can also go live and live stream fairly easily and with fairly low risk.

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The Future is Now

When To Start

A child may be ready to use Instagram at an earlier age compared to platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Ultimately the age at which your child starts using social media depends on the maturity level of the child and what you’re comfortable with. If you want your kids to be able to use social media responsibly as teens you should consider letting them start using it while they are still in middle school.

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It’s Never Too Early to Start

Start Them Early

Allowing children to use social media at an early age also helps lessen the appeal of it. I set up a locked down Instagram account for my daughter when she was 10. After about six months she completely lost interest in it. Now her peers, who are using Instagram for the first time as teenagers, are using it all the time but she has no interest in using it anymore. Often with kids, once you let them do something and learn how to do it responsibly it won’t be attractive to them anymore and they will lose interest.