How To Spot A Narcissist On Online Dating Sites

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Have you ever run into a narcissist on an online dating site? You may have without even knowing it. There are an unusually high number of narcissists that seem drawn to online dating, probably because online dating sites allow them to find people who will believe their lies easily and they can disappear quickly if they get caught.

Narcissists are very good at acting like other people but they actually have no empathy and don’t really understand human emotion. They can quickly become abusive and leave behind devastated people in their wake.

They Will Brag

If you have been matched with a narcissist you can see warning signs in their profile. Their profile description will be full of them talking about their great achievements, how much people love them, or other inflated statements that seem like they are bragging. They might talk about how much money they make or other things that will make them seem more desirable.

They Say All Their Exes Are Crazy

If someone says in their profile that their exes are crazy that is a red flag you should watch out for. Maybe they have had a bad relationship in the past, most people have. But if they claim that all of their ex-partners are “crazy” or “manipulative” or something like that they are probably a narcissist that is trying to cover up for their own abnormal behavior.

They Can Never Meet You For Some Strange Reason

If you are matched with a narcissist and you start chatting and seem to hit it off and you ask them to meet you they will always have a reason why they can’t meet you and it will probably strange. A person who really has a scheduling conflict will tell you something like that they have to work on a particular day and will make arrangements to meet another day. A narcissist will say they that can’t meet you because their crazy ex-borrowed their car and won’t return it. Or they are suddenly going out of town for a month. If they give you a very involved and outlandish reason it’s probably a lie, and they might be a narcissist.

They Will Love Bomb You

Love bombing is the first phase of getting involved with a narcissist. During the love bombing phase, the narcissist is trying to draw you in so they will be very charming and attentive, but it will be excessive. They won’t just send you a text or send you 40 texts.  And then once they have you hooked all the attention and charm will stop.

If you experience any of these signs with someone on a dating site block that person and move on to protect yourself from becoming involved with a narcissist.