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One of the best ways for college students to be successful is by learning how to effectively study online. If your child doesn’t already use their electronics for school, they may be unfamiliar with all the tools and options that are out there. That’s why I’ve compiled this small guide on the different ways that college students can study online.

Before my son told me, I had no idea that college students could use the Internet to prepare for a test. These days, textbooks come in eBook form, so students can download them on their tablets, laptops, or smartphones. There are also sites like Wikipedia, which aren’t necessarily credible sources for a research paper, but they make excellent informal study guides.

There are also a variety of apps out there, and some of them even have their own websites. Quizlet is the best example of this. On Quizlet, students can find study guides and tests in just about any subject. Then, they can narrow the material down to a specific chapter or even a custom study guide for the midterm or final exam.

Finding the Right Study Material Online

College can feel overwhelming to young adults who don’t have every tool at their disposal. A person with integrity won’t want to cheat on any graded material. Fortunately, there are legitimate study methods that cut out of a lot of unnecessary information that never winds up on the exam. This is the material worth learning. The main advantage of these tools is that they help your college student focus on the most important material.


Quizlet is one of the best resources for studying. It’s available in app form, as well as a website: The app is convenient for students with Android or iOS devices. If your child wants to focus on the material that will actually appear on the test, they should use Quizlet. It’s helped countless college students prepare for a final exam and ultimately do well.


Students can access the Internet to study anywhere.
With a tablet, college students can access helpful websites like Wikipedia almost anywhere.

Most professors don’t approve of Wikipedia because it allows just about anyone to post information to its site. But, from what I’ve gathered, it’s more credible than most people think it is. It’s the best website out there for information on just about anything. College students love Wikipedia because they can easily learn more about pretty much any topic.


YouTube, a popular website for posting videos, is another way for college students to brush up on their studying. There are tons of lectures posted on YouTube; many of them are from some of the most prestigious universities in the world, like Harvard or MIT. Listening to professors from these universities is a great way for students to complement their current curriculum at their own college or university.

Students are always looking for simpler ways to study. College is hard enough already, so your child should always be on the lookout for ways to make their classes easier. The good news is, if you tell them about these sites, they’ll study online and make their college experience more enjoyable.