Don’t Give Your Wife A Fitbit For Valentine’s Day – Trust Me

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I was talking to my close guy friend the other day. Like most guys, he hates Valentine’s Day. He never knew what to get his wife, and more often than not the whole thing ended in yelling or tears. It’s not a day he looks forward to. But his wife looks forward to it every year, probably hoping this is the year he’ll get the right gift like an iPhone spy app and not disappoint her. Here’s his story.

I know it’s tough to pick out a great Valentine’s Day gift for your wife. I can’t really tell you what to get, because I am a terrible gift giver. But I can give you a list of things that you definitely should not give her, unless you don’t actually like your wife. All of these gifts are things I have actually given my wife, and later paid dearly for. Take my advice and do not give your wife any of these gifts this Valentine’s Day:

A Fitbit

My wife had been talking about losing weight and getting fit for the spring and summer. She mentioned that her friends all had Fitbits and they were excited to start tracking their steps and getting more active. So I thought that for once I had found the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and got my wife a Fitbit. Wow, was that the wrong gift. When my wife opened it she started to cry and I soon realized those were not happy tears. She thought I was telling her that she was fat and needed to lose weight. She was really upset. And then she got mad. And I spent Valentine’s Day night and several nights after that on the couch. Even if she says she wants a Fitbit, don’t get it for her as a Valentine’s Day gift.


In theory lingerie should be a great gift right? It’s a gift for her and a gift for you at the same time. But buying lingerie is a nightmare and if you get the wrong size you will suffer greatly for it. If it’s too big she will think you’re calling her fat. If it’s too small she will cry and call herself fat. Either way, the lingerie will end up in a drawer and the night will end badly. Unless you are 100% sure of her size, or she’s picked out some lingerie that she wants and told you the size to get, don’t get lingerie or any type of clothing. Not only that, she’ll end up telling all friends through her favorite messaging app and word that you’re a terrible person will spread like wildfire.

Stuffed Animals

Unless you’re in high school stuffed animals are not a good gift. If you give her a stuffed animal and a card as the lead up to a big gift that’s fine. But if it’s just a stuffed animal your Valentine’s Day will not be a happy day. When it comes to giving Valentine’s Day gifts stick with the classic roses and chocolate, or buy her something like a new phone or tablet with the best iPhone spy app already downloaded. This year I’m upgrading my wife’s cell phone to the iPhone X and including an iPhone spy app, and am hoping that this will be the year I don’t spend Valentine’s Day night on the couch.