Best VR Oculus Apps for Kids

With the emergence of Virtual Reality headsets such as the Samsung Gear VR, kids cannot get enough of it! Not only can you play games, but you can also watch movies and chat with your friends. The Oculus app on your smartphone provides many different VR apps that are kid-friendly. Being a parent, our list will provide you will some great app options.

Jurassic World: Apatosaurus

The park has officially opened in VR! What kid (or adult) wouldn’t want to explore Jurassic Park! See the beautiful dinosaurs up-close and personal as if you were really with them. You can even ride a dinosaur through the park! But beware of the T-Rex roaming around!

Marvel Avengers: Tony Stark’s Lab

Does your child LOVE superheros? Then this app is for them! You can explore Tony Stark’s Lab and see his many inventions such as Captain America’s shield! You can learn all about the many inventions the Avengers use, the Avengers themselves, and what Tony Stark is currently working on. You can also watch exclusive Marvel clips. Have any questions? Jarvis is there to guide you!

Rilix VR

Is your child a thrill seeker? Ride roller coasters in Rilix VR! In this app, you can experience thrilling coasters in different environments such as in a Diamond Cave. Honestly, it feels as though you are really on a roller coaster. However, make sure you are sitting not standing while experiencing this app!

Temple Run

Temple Run, which was first a smartphone game, is now in virtual reality! You child can enjoy stealing the treasure, collecting coins, and running away from the demon monkeys. It’s very simple and easy to play with headsets such as the Samsung Gear VR with its tap pad.

Titans of Space

This app provide not only breathtaking graphics of space but is also educational for children. You can take a tour guide of the Solar System, and learn about the different planets and their moons. Users can also answer trivia questions along the way to further educate themselves about the Solar System. If your child’s dream is to become an astronaut or a astrologist, this app would be perfect for them.


Who can’t resist a cute rabbit and two aliens? Kids! This is a video experience any child would enjoy. The premise is that these two bunnies, one being the headset user, are minding their business when two aliens come to invade earth! The bunnies try to stop the aliens from destroying earth. The video is about five minutes long.

Fun Fact: This is an official selection of the Tribeca Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and Cannes du Marche du film.

Minecraft Gear VR

The game kids are currently loving is now in virtual reality. Be immersed into your own Minecraft world! You can build and explore different landscapes and come face-to-face with mobs and battle them! Even though you have to purchase this Oculus game, it’s worth it. As a note, it is recommended that children be above the age of 13 to play this game.

Balloon Shooter

Looking for a game to occupy your child’s time? Balloon Shoot is that game! Using your headset or controller, you shoot your arrow to pop the balloons or knock down your enemies. Look to the sky every once in awhile, you may see a dragon! It is simple to play and easy to play for a child of any age. How far can you get?

Before the next time your child plays on their VR headset, why not tell them about these great apps! They are all very entertaining with fantastic visuals.

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SMART apps for your Smartphone!

We all know why smartphones increasingly become a need for most of us. The utter convenience and reliability makes it the best digital best friend one can ever have in today’s time. It has affected our lives ever since brought to availability. It has caused utmost convenience yet ironically remains to be the root of different absurdities of today.

I firmly believe that it all just depends on how one utilizes their smartphones! Simply put, what sort of SMART apps should be used on device?  Here is an article about applications to better your smartphone experience. Apart from enjoying videos, games and all sorts of recreational engagements, there are applications that are of great help during the most inevitable situations.

List of Apps to consider downloading

  1. Waze

You might be going on road trip with family and friends to an unknown destination. Of course, you have your smartphones with you for picture and contacts during emergency situations; might as well download Waze, digital map complete with warnings on heavily-congested or road blockages. Unlike Google Maps, it is more interactive.


  1. Uber

This is an online ride-sharing app that would be of assistance when you are experiencing car problems on the road or even before going out of the house. You might need to hail a cab instantly, one that does not overprice but has commendable customer service; which is exactly what Uber gives you.

  1. DDI Utilities

DDI is a monitoring app priced reasonable enough to acquire information from a “target”. It is viable for those in dire need for investigating someone’s daily whereabouts like a parent or company owner. There is a growing number of people using DDI Utilities to track location, smartphone doings (app downloads, social media logs, messages, calls, etc.) of teenagers or employees. Not only that, this app can also retrieve intentionally and not phone data / files working as a data back up and recovery software.

You may also want to check these highly-suggest monitoring apps: Highster Mobile, SurePoint Spy and AutoForward.


  1. Air bnb

If you are one notorious traveller longing for discounted places to stay at then here is an app for you. It covers all available bed and breakfast homes tays worldwide at very budget-friendly rates. It shy away the rigorous web search for the perfect accommodations because every info you need prior deciding where to hang about can be found here.

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Who Makes the Best DSLR Camera?

The big question. There are several companies that make great DSLR cameras, most notably Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Each of these manufacturers has a model that any day of the week could be in the discussion for the best DSLR camera. Canon has its Rebel T6 and the Mark III and IV, Nikon has the D500, and Sony has the a99 II. There are others out there, but these are some of the best cameras and worth discussing when it comes to the best cameras.

There are good cameras out there, but these DSLRs are some of the best on the market. DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex. They’re what professional photographers use as the modern alternative to traditional film cameras. Most professionals today tend to learn towards either Canon or Nikon, but Sony is in the conversation when it comes to great DSLR cameras.

Who Makes the Best DSLR Camera


Canon has several great DSLR cameras. Most recently, the EOS 5D Mark IV, which has several significant upgrades over its predecessor, the Mark III. The Mark IV has a 30.4MP CMOS sensor, and 4K video capabilities make it one of the best DSLRs out there for video recording. The Mark IV carries a hefty price tag, and is priced around $3,500 at Amazon.

There are lots of other DSLRs made by Canon, including the EOS Rebel T5 and T6. These are more affordable options for those who are looking for a DSLR that doesn’t cost several thousand dollars. These are great options as well, and though they aren’t necessarily in the conversation of “best” DSLR, they still show why Canon is so great at making quality cameras.

One big advantage of cameras by Canon is that their DSLRs have interchangeable lenses, which is a big benefit because it means that those who stick with Canon are able to use their lenses on each of their camera bodies, which definitely helps its case for having the best camera.


The Nikon D500 features a 20.7MP APS-C sensor, and a variety of other features including Wi-fi and Bluetooth for transferring photos. It’s auto-feature capabilities are impressive, as well, and is one of its best strengths. The AF strengths of the Nikon D500 make it a great DSLR for shooting sports or shooting on-the-go. It, like the Mark IV, is also capable of shooting video in 4K, meaning it’s another great choice for videographers. All of these qualities keep the D500 in the conversation as one of the best DSLR cameras out there.

Nikon is a strong competitor of Canon’s when it comes to who has the best DSLR out there, but to further answer the question it’s necessary to check out one of Sony’s best cameras, as well.


Sony has DSLR-like mirrorless cameras that take great photos. Their DSLR to own at the moment is the a99 II. It has a whopping 42.4MP full image sensor. It also has an incredible ISO of 100-25600 and expandable up to 50-102400. It’s the best of the A-mount series from Sony.

Sony’s newest DSLR has features that help it stack up against the best from Nikon or Canon.

Each of these manufacturers could stay in the conversation about who is making the best DSLR cameras, though Canon and Nikon are probably at the top of the list. Each of these cameras has remarkable AF ability, shoots in 4K, and is a DSLR that any wedding, portrait, or nature photographer would be proud to own. These are the cameras that professionals use time and time again.

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The Five Best Play Stations That You Should Consider Buying

Selecting the best play station can be an uphill task to many people. As new manufacturers keep sending their play stations into the market, it becomes even more confusing. To enjoy your favorite games from star wars to enthralling racing, here are some useful tips on selecting the best play station.

Ply station compatibility

Most game consoles are usually highly specific and will only allow the user to play compatible games. For example, if you are using Play Station 4, you can only play games made for PlayStation 4. However, other models such as Wii U allow the user to play almost all games with no limitations. Though Wii U is not as strong as other top Play Stations such as PlayStation 4 or Sony, it allows you to try and enjoy more games.

Make sure to carefully understand the nature of the games you want to play in order to select appropriate compatibility. For example; do you want to play specific games or diversity that cut across all the play stations? Will you be using multiplayer interfaces, and will kids be using the same console?

Multiplayer capability

The thrill of competing with online players is irresistible to users. A good PlayStation should be compatible with the internet and allow you to compete with other players all over the world. In most cases, the consoles only allow players to game with others who have similar devices. In fact, some PlayStations such as Xbox 360 will not even recognize older versions.  Because getting another player with the same console and interested in the same game you want to PlayStation can be challenging, it is important to look for PlayStations that have multiplayer capabilities.

A large collection of games

When people buy game consoles, they want to get new games and compete on more challenging levels. Therefore, a good game console should have a diversity of games ranging from simpler types to those that are more complex. You might want to review the available games before purchasing the PlayStation in order to pick the right one.

Ease of maintenance

Like other electronics, clients want gaming consoles that are easy to maintain. In many cases, the hand-held pieces are heavily used and risk getting damaged faster compared to other parts. Take time to select the game console that is more durable, has ample spares in the market, and is easy to repair when damage is inevitable. With genuine spares in the market, you will not be forced to buy a new console because a section of it has been damaged.

The cost of PlayStation

A good console should be affordable and easy to use at home. Take time to review the prices of the best PlayStations and pick the one you can afford. Remember that the focus is not to simply pick the cheapest consoles in the market, but to select the most effective at affordable rates. Follow the sellers to know when they are having offers and special discounts. Besides, you can also purpose to buy the console together with other items from the same dealer in order to meet the preset purchase threshold for special discounts.

Read through reviews

Review professionals bring to fore special features and capabilities that you could otherwise never have come to know about. Because they are experts, they assess even hidden issues so that buyers can get a better picture of what they are selecting. For example, they will include power consumption, expected lifespan, and ease of use. Make sure to read expert reviews alongside clients’ feedbacks to understand every console better.

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Negative Side of Technology

Technology has made life better in many ways. Services are delivered faster, communication is faster, reliable and quite comprehensive for instance the use of the video call; and machines and gadgets can do much more in terms of the tasks. In itself, the innovations are made to make life even better but it is in the use and application of technology that its ugly head rears. The society and the way people and groups relate has had a major influence with advent in technology.

There are some internet users who have become victims of cyber bullying, some with grave consequences. The seemingly harmless acts of chatting on the social media platforms transformed into nightmares for some people especially the youth. Some have ended up committing suicide as a way of escape.

Cameras have evolved both in make and use. They are very important these days when talking of security through the CCTV cameras. Also, they help capture and store precious memories for many and some used in journalism. However, some naughty people are using them for spying. As they are becoming smaller and smaller but even more complex, some people are using them to spy on others and sometimes post some of the dirty images and videos online. The aims of such behavior may range from pure malice with intention to embarrass someone to blackmail with the aim of extorting money from the victims. These have had an impact on families and even nations exposed to such information or images. Some of the images are posted on pornographic sites for whatever reason.

Improper use of electronic gadgets for instance has been instrumental in the many fatal accidents on our roads especially by the younger people. Many people these days can be seen texting or checking updates on their social media sites while they are driving. This is a very dangerous practice as it temporarily distracts the driver from the road and in so doing reduces his/ her concentration. In case of an emergency, the reaction may either be late or, worse, unexpected. Instead of slowing down for instance, one may even accelerate. Also, the pedestrians can be victims to similar accidents only that they may be distracted while crossing the roads and texting, calling or checking social media updates causing serious accidents. It is the control by the people that is needed but the blame is usually put on technology.

With advent in technology, it has become easier to unfairly monitor someone through his phone or online activities. This is a different way of spying where you want to know what someone is up to and doing through following him on his phone. This is usually a result of hacking the phone or using mobile device spy ware. One gets access to all calls, texts, emails and any other activity of the targeted phone. This may be with an intention of doing harm to the person or simply being naughty. In most cases, the person monitored may not have any idea. But once hacked, his privacy is lost and he is left exposed-so to speak.

As already stated, it may not be technology to be blamed in its entirety, but how humans decide to use it that brings out the negative side. The use of technology if not carefully thought about may bring serious consequences that aim at injury instead of bringing the benefits that accrue from such advancements in human life. It is therefore prudent that users should proceed with a lot of caution so as to benefit from the positive effects of technology and not the negatives as they are numerous.